All you need to know about Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are a kind of sensor through which the presence of different objects is established without any kind of physical contact. The information which is further captured is relayed in the form of an electrical signal.

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Further, in this article, we would cover everything about Proximity Sensors. Let us have a look:-

What are the applications of Proximity Sensors?
Proximity Sensors are used a lot in manufacturing and industrial applications. For instance, it is used in the automated production line for object positioning, detection, counting, and inspection.

Likewise, proximity sensors are widely used in several consumer devices as well. For example, it is used in smartphones to detect if a particular person is holding the phone near the face. In addition, it is widely used as a capacitive touch switch on different consumer electronics products.

It is also used as a diffuse sensor in various public washrooms as well as a collision detection sensor in robots.

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What are the features of a Proximity Sensor? Contactless Sensing
One of the great features of the Proximity Sensor is that it offers contactless sensing. Thus, the object can be detected without touching it which ensures that the object is in good condition.

Proximity Sensors are not affected at all by the surface conditions. The reason is that it detects physical changes and is not affected by anything else.

Wide Application Range
A good thing about Proximity Sensors is that it has a great range of application. Hence, it can be used for damp conditions as well as different temperature ranges. Hence, it tends to have a wide range of applications.

Service Life is Longer
Proximity Sensor doesn’t have any moving parts as it uses semiconductor outputs. Thus, its service life is longer as compared to other kinds of sensors.

Response Rate
Another great feature of the Proximity Sensor is that it offers a high response rate as compared to switches.

What are the different types of Proximity Sensors? Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Magnetic Proximity Sensors make use of a magnetic field such that other objects can be sensed. Thus, it tends to have a long range of detection. Further, they can withstand any rough conditions. Moreover, they work well with vibrations, heat, and dust.

Infrared Proximity Sensors
It tends to have an IR LED emitter through which infrared light is emitted. So, if an object is present nearby, then it gets reflected at a particular angle. Further, the distance is calculated by the sensor based on the angle of reflection. Besides this, they are commonly used in home security and they can be used both in day and night.

Capacitive proximity Sensors
It is seen that Capacitive Proximity Sensors make use of electrical capacitance such that non-contact detection can take place.

Photoelectric Proximity Sensors
In Photoelectric Proximity Sensors, photoelectric sensing is used such that detection can happen. In this, the light is transmitted which is then reflected to another object. So, if the beam light is broken, then presence is sensed.

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
With the help of an Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor, the sound is detected. It is quite common and used widely in several robotics projects for instance self-driving cars.

Inductive Proximity Sensors
In Inductive Proximity Sensors, non-contact measures are taken such that metal objects can be detected.